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Also include: Customer Service. Feedback Mechanism. Communication. Written and Reading Skills. Public Interaction. Presentation. Audience Connectivity. Public Speaking. Leadership. Negotiation. Tackling Negative Interactions. Conflict Resolution. Digital Marketing. Social Media Marketing. Reviews. Branding. Reputation Building. SEO. Analysis. Content Marketing.

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emohis emasters edegree

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Reputation Management

This Advanced course is suitable for Beginners, Business owners, Politicians, Leaders, Teachers, Trainers, Consultants, Media personalities, Advertisers, Brand managers, Marketing assistants, Affiliate marketers, Online advertisers, Copywriters, Public relations representatives, Search engine optimizers, Search engine marketers, Social media managers and Sales managers.

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Duration: 32 Weeks

Components of reputation management are covered.

Identification. Testimonials. Reviews. Positive content. Branding. Advertising. Third party alternatives. Profiling. Organic SEO. Organic social media. Paid Display. Paid search. Content marketing. Blogging. Customer service. Feedback mechanism. Public speaking. Communication.

The first session has overveiew, with course progression all aspects are covered in detailed manner.

Setup. Process. Identify all forms of negative mentions, reviews, content for the company present across digital platforms. Tools.
Customer feedback. Genuine Testimonials. Email marketing. Tools. Plugins.
Onsite reviews. Staff reviews. External reviews. Google reviews. Trust pilot. Tools. Plugins.
Consumer specific Product. Quality. Keyword target. Press release. Email etiquette. Copywriting. Ghostwriting. Video content. Help section. Documentation. Webinar and Podcast on Feedback. Targeted Audience. Rewarding customers. Rewarding referrals. Affiliates.
Organic. Paid. Company branding. Company branding. Paid interviews. Product branding. Service branding. Retail branding. Cultural and geographic branding. Corporate branding. Movie proxy branding. Online branding. Offline branding.
Basics. Advanced. Telemarketing (phone, text message, support). Kiosks (window display and signs). Outdoor (billboards, bus/taxi wraps, posters). Broadcasting (tv, radio, OTT). Print (magazines, newspapers). Direct mail (catalogues, newsletters). Digital platforms (search, social media, apps, youtube).
First level interaction with webmasters. Second level interaction. Third level search and Display alternatives on failed attempts.
Social media touch points. Social media Groups. Forums. Complaints baords.
Basics. Advanced level. SEO set up. Website configuration. Levers. Offpage. Onpage. Landing page. Analysis.
Social media marketing for digital assets. Composition. Distribution. Leveraging. Promoting. Viral marketing.

Basics. Advanced level. Landing page. Analysis. Assets target for display. Infographics.

Basics. Advanced level. Levers. Keyword target. Paid search. Landing page. Analysis.
Advanced level. Principles of making a content planner. Influencer marketing. Free templates.
Guest blogging. Internal blogs. Current trends. Google trends. Templates; General blogs. news blogs, Food blogs, Travel blogs, Health blogs, fitness blogs, Lifestyle blogs.
Live chat support. Email support. Self-service support. Social media support. Web commerce support. Kiosks. On-site support. Telephone support. Ticket based support.
Autoresponders. Setup. Alert messages. Automator wordpress. Feedback Tools. Notifications. Positive feedback filteration.
Communication. Written and reading skills. Public interaction. Self-confidence building skills. Personality development. Interpersonal skills. Comprehension skills. Presentation. Audience connectivity. Body language.

Important aspects recovered and upgraded for latest algo updates: Latest developments added in terms of tools and techniques(updated to recent week).

Revision of entire course in accumulative format.


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Quizzes are given after completion of each session with 1 week's time gap.


Automatic attestation done to confirm course completion.


Final exam follow up post Validation for eDegree certification.