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Also include: Journalism – Reporting, Writing, Editing. Media Management. Coverage. Design. Basic Graphics. Media Ethics. Print Media. Digital Media. Public Interaction. Self-Confidence Building Skills. Personality Development. Templates. Report. Presentation. Audience Connectivity. Body Language. Vocal Communication. Public Speaking. Copywriting.

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Mass Communication and Media

This Advanced course is suitable for Beginners, Business owners, Journalists, Newsreaders, Bloggers, News writers, Editors, Politicians, Leaders, Teachers, Trainers, Consultants, Media personalities, YouTubers, Advertisers, Public relations representatives, Event managers, Public speakers, Anchors, Reporters, Correspondents, Social media managers and Citizen journalists.

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Duration: 32 Weeks

Basics. Components of mass communication and media. General news channels. Business news channels. Sport news channels. Weather news channels. Spiritual news channels. Print. Television. Radio. Blog. Youtube. Direct communication. Mass media. Utilization of communication. Essentials of communication. Mass communication theory. Professionalism in journalism.

The first session include overviews of all types of mass communication and journalism. Later, each of the aspects are covered in detail during future sessions.

Types of mass communication. Evolution of mediums. Radio. Television. Social networking. Billboards. Newspapers. Magazines. Books. Film. Internet.
Informal communication. Oral communication (onsite face-to-face). Oral communication (offsite distance). Written communication. Non-verbal types.
Message. Purpose. Amplification. Audience. Analysis. Organic. Paid.
Advertising. Journalism. Public relations. Social media. Audio media. Convergence. Integrated communication. Film. Television.
Assertive communication. Aggressive communication. Passive communication. Passive-aggressive communication. Manipulative communication.

Gestures. Facial expressions. Voice tone. Pauses. Silence. Body language. Mind reading. Speaking. Listening. Researching personality. History. Psychology.

Critical theory. Normative theory. Evaluating theory. Presentation theory. Mass communication theory. Public speaking theory.

Social networking. Video sharing. Interactive media. Photo sharing. Blogging. Forum community.
Social networks: facebook, twitter, linkedin. Media sharing networks: instagram, snapchat, youtube. Discussion forums: reddit, quora, digg. Bookmarking and content curation networks: pinterest, flipboard.
Composition. Distribution. Leveraging. Promoting.
Principles of making a content planner. Free templates.
Basics. Advanced. History. Personal media. Mass media.
Ancient forms. Print. Mass media.
Business journalism. Arts journalism. Celebrity journalism. Education journalism. Investigative journalism. Political journalism. Crime journalism. Sports journalism.
Discretion. Geographical limitations. Language. Sources. Laws. Accuracy. Independence. Impartiality. Integrity. Harm minimization. Engagement. Accountability. Freelancing ethics. Youtube journalism.
Curative skills. Live freelancing. Principles of moderation. Cross media journalism. Regulative journalism practices. Theory of transparency. Integration of content. News building skills. International journalism
Basics. Advanced. Advertising for news channels. Flight disposals. Kiosks (window display and signs). Outdoor (billboards, bus/taxi wraps, posters). Broadcasting (tv, radio, OTT). Print (magazines, newspapers). Direct mail (catalogues, newsletters). Digital platforms (search, social media, apps, youtube).

Important aspects recovered and upgraded for latest algo updates: Organic – Search, Facebook, Twitter, Quora. Paid – Google Ads, Display. Amazon Associates. Clickbank. Jvzoo. CommissionJunction. Shareasale.

Revision of entire course in accumulative format.


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Quizzes are given after completion of each session with 1 week's time gap.


Automatic attestation done to confirm course completion.


Final exam follow up post Validation for eDegree certification.