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Also include: Buying Spaces. Selling Products. Planning. Organizing. Directing. Designing.  ROI Analysis. SEO. Digital Marketing. Build a Niche Website. SEO. Email Marketing. CPC. CPA. Common Blunders. Organic – Facebook, Twitter, Quora. Paid – Google Ads, Display. Landing Page. Conversion. Social Media Marketing. Content Marketing. Email Marketing. Mobile Marketing. Marketing Analytics. Affiliate Marketing.

Course Features

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Marketing Management

This Advanced course is suitable for Beginners, Business owners, Expert marketers, Brand managers, Event planners, Marketing managers, Digital marketers, Online managers, Marketing assistants, Advertisers, Copywriters, Public relations representatives, Market research analysts, Social media managers and Sales managers.

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Duration: 32 Weeks

Forms of marketing. Traditional marketing. Modern marketing. Public relations management. Branding. Communication. Strategies. Consumers. Vendors. Advertising.

Manpower centric; handouts, billboards, cold calls, direct mail, print ads and event marketing.

Digital platforms; search engine optimization, pay per click, social media marketing, content marketing and email marketing.

The first session include overviews of major types of marketing activities. With course progression, each of the aspects are covered in detail.

Basics. Evolution. Types of marketing. Create a marketing framework. Marketing plan. Resources. Marketing strategy and tactics. Common blunders. Success strategies.
Basics. Hiring process. Specialist Role. Delegation. Advantages of people management. Perils of micro management. Target setup. ROI. Key performance indicators. Rewards. Team management. Latest methods and techniques.
Analysis. Audience analysis. Performance analysis. Reviews. Presentation. Reviews. Future planning.
Web analytics. Mobile analytics. Social media analytics. Product. Quality. Audience. Key performance indicators. Performance analysis.
Evolution. Affordable marketing. Expensive marketing. Branding. Handouts. Billboards. Cold Calls. Direct Mail. Print Ads. Event Marketing. Referral marketing.
Digital affiliates. Digital platforms. Search engine optimization. Pay-per-click. Social media marketing. Content marketing. Email marketing.
Internal communications. Crisis communications. Public affairs. Broadcasting. Strategic communications. Media relations. Community relations. Online and social media communications. Viral marketing.
Organic. Paid. Company branding. Company branding. Paid interviews. Product branding. Service branding. Retail branding. Cultural and geographic branding. Corporate branding. Movie proxy branding. Online branding. Offline branding.
Basics. Evolution. Formal communication. Strategic communication. Informal communication. Verbal communication. Non-verbal communication. Public communication. Business communication.
Marketing communications strategy. Digital marketing strategy. Internal marketing strategy. Consumer marketing strategy. Social media marketing strategy. Email marketing strategy. Inbound marketing strategy. Content marketing strategy. Editorial strategy. Communication syndication strategy.
Principles of making a content planner. Traditional marketing content. Digital content plan. Schedule. Reference templates.
Basics. Advanced level. Levers. Offpage Onpage. Landing page. Analysis. SEO for marketing.

Basics. Advanced level. Levers. CPC optimization. Landing page. Analysis. PPC for marketing.

Basics. Advanced level. Levers.  Landing page. Analysis. SEM for marketing.

Basics. Advanced level. Email marketing setup. Levers. Open rate optimization. Email content. Analysis.

B2B. B2C. Corporate buyers. Impulse shoppers. Bargain buyers. Loyal customers. Lifetime consumers. Subscriptions. Wandering consumers. Need-based customers.
Basics. Advanced. Telemarketing (phone, text message, support). Kiosks (window display and signs). Outdoor (billboards, bus/taxi wraps, posters). Broadcasting (tv, radio, OTT). Print (magazines, newspapers). Direct mail (catalogues, newsletters). Digital platforms (search, social media, apps, youtube).

Important aspects recovered and upgraded for latest strategies introduced in the industry: Traditional marketing. Organic marketing – Search, Facebook, Twitter, Quora. Paid – Google Ads.

Revision of entire course in accumulative format.


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Quizzes are given after completion of each session with 1 week's time gap.


Automatic attestation done to confirm course completion.


Final exam follow up post Validation for eDegree certification.