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Also include: Human Body. Health and Well-being. Healthy Diet. Yoga. Nutrition. Treatments. Holistic Therapy. Ancient Science of Anti-aging. Healthy Recipes. Meditation. Marma Therapy. Chakras. Breathing Techniques. Indian Philosophies. Aroma Therapy. Body Points. Awareness.

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This Advanced course is suitable for Beginners, Health lovers, Business owners, Drug makers, Home remedy makers, Fitness experts, Gym trainers, Alternative medicine marketers, Academicians, Ayurvedic trainers, Researchers, Managers, Ancient medical tourists, Health practitioners and Consultants.

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Duration: 32 Weeks
All forms of ancient therapies that emerged from ayurveda are covered; Acupressure, aromatherapy, chinese herbology, meditation, dietary supplements, vedic mantra healing, yoga, home remedies, pranic healing, laughter therapy and massage therapy. The first level is introduction to overview of all types of ayurvedic methods. Later as the course progress each of the aspects are covered in detail. All types of ancient scientific therapies are taught that came out from ayurveda.
Doshas. Dhatu. Mala. Agni. Diseases. Vikruti and Prakruti.
Characteristics of the body. Traits. The vata individual’s characteristics. Vata balancing guidelines. Individual characteristics of pitta. General pitta balancing guidelines. Individual characteristics of the kapha. General kapha balancing guidelines. How to apply what you’ve learned. Ayurvedic health.
Like expands like. Diet and food. Seasons. Exercise. Age. Emotional and mental factors. Stress. Excessive usage, underuse, and incorrect sensory usage. Wisdom. Relation.

Accumulation or collection. Aggravation. Spread. Infiltration or deposition. Manifestation. Structural distortion caused by cellular deformity. Action. Restorative process.

Process. Cautions about home panchakarma.
Ayurvedic cleansing process. Wash. Water. Evacuation. Tongue and teeth. Gargle. Drops of nose (nasya). Massage. Bathing. Exercise. Pranayama. Meditation. Breakfast. Summer guidelines. Fall recommendations. Winter recommendations. Spring recommendations.
The nervous system. Effects of ayurvedic herbs. The cardiovascular system. The digestion process. The integumentary system. Skin. Immune functions. The urinary system and the kidneys. Male reproductive system. Female reproductive system.
Diagnosis of doshas. Ayurveda branches ashtang. Nadi pariksha. Ayurveda pareeksha. Pratyaksha. Darshana. Anumana. Sparshana.
Chyawanprash. How to prepare chyawanprash. Ingredients in chyawanprash. How to make chyawanprash. Rasayanas. Pippali rasayana. Rasayana therapy. Triphala rasayana. Other popular ayurvedic supplements and medicines.
Ayurvedic herbs’ effects. Ayurvedic herbs types. Ayurvedic herbs’ importance. Ayurvedic herbs’ properties. Ashwagandha. Anti-inflammation properties. Common ailments treatments.
Boswellia. Brahmi. Cumin. Turmeric. Licorice roots. Gotu kola. Bitter melon. Cardamom (elaichi).
General benefits. The pranayama secret. Sama vritti pranayama. Ujjayi pranayama. Balancing of vata, pitta and kapha doshas with ayurvedic foods/fruits. Vata balancing foods.
Male infertility ayurvedic cure. Ayurvedic treatment for gastritis. Ayurvedic treatment for heartburn. Ayurvedic treatment for constipation. Ayurvedic treatment for piles. Ayurvedic treatment for urinary tract infection. Ayurvedic treatment for peptic ulcer. Ayurvedic treatment for vomiting. Ayurvedic treatment for flatulence. Ayurvedic treatment for low blood pressure. Ayurvedic treatment for high blood pressure. Ayurvedic treatment for canker sores. Ayurvedic treatment for gingivitis. Ayurvedic treatment for halitosis. Ayurvedic treatment for burning tongue. Ayurvedic treatment for genital warts. Ayurvedic care for cataract. Ayurvedic treatment for malaria. Ayurvedic treatment for toe nail fungus. Ayurvedic treatment for diarrhea. Ayurvedic treatment for influenza. Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes. Ayurvedic treatment for jaundice. Ayurvedic treatment for covid19. Ayurvedic treatment for common fever. Ayurvedic treatment for stretch marks removal. Ayurvedic treatment for ringworm.
Ayurvedic metals. Ayurvedic stones and gems. Ayurvedic colours. Ayurvedic aromas.
Marma therapy fundamentals. Marma therapy’s body system. Marma therapy’s fourteen body channels. Agni (digestion controller). The three doshas and three marma points. Symptoms of marmas injuries. Marma areas and fourteen nadis. Important mantras for bija (seed). Methods of marma therapy massage. Herbal marma techniques. Massage with marma abhyanga. Marma massage oils. Ayurvedic herbal paste treatment. Self-marma therapy. Marma face therapy. Marma therapy and yogic practices. Marma therapy on health issues.
Ayurvedic sexual health. Man sexual health. Common sex related diseases.
Telemedicine in ayurveda. Evolution of ayurvedic telemedicine. Technologies for ayurvedic telehealth. Importance of ayurvedic telehealth. Studies of interest in ayurvedic telehealth. Expansion of ayurvedic practice recommendations. Setting up ayurvedic telehealth clinic. Ayurvedic telemedicine business.
Important upgrades for latest updates in ayurvedic sector: Tools, researches, new developments and treatments.

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Quizzes are given after completion of each session with 1 week's time gap.


Automatic attestation done to confirm course completion.


Final exam follow up post Validation for eDegree certification.