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Also Include: Selling Affiliate Products. Make Money. Generate Mutilayer Commissions. Profitable Niches. Build a Niche Website. SEO. Email Marketing. CPC. CPA. Common Blunders. Organic – Facebook, Twitter, Quora. Paid – Google Ads, Display. Amazon Associates. Clickbank. Jvzoo. CommissionJunction. Shareasale.

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Affiliate Marketing

This Advanced course is suitable for Beginners, Business owners, Expert marketers, Brand managers, Event planners, Marketing assistants, Advertisers, Copywriters, Public relations representatives, Market research analysts, Social media managers and Sales managers.

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Duration: 32 Weeks

Components of digital marketing are covered from affiliate marketing perspective; search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay-per-click, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and marketing analytics.

First session is overview on types of digital marketing activities. As the course progress, each of the aspects are covered in detail.

Types of affiliate marketing. Tiers and forms. Unattached affiliate marketing, related affiliate marketing, and involved affiliate marketing. Validation. Types of income.

Quality product selection. Traffic sources. Additional income. Analysis. Examine the product’s category demand. Keeping up with the latest methods and techniques. Select the proper merchant. Make use of beneficial resources.

Ahead with advantages. Tailing with disadvantages. Common blunders. Identifying weakness. SWOT analysis.

Product. Quality. Audience. Payout. Conditions. Resourceful. Alert.
Almost zero development costs. Setup at a low cost. No license, No fees and No membership pricing. A wide range of products and services are available. No previous sales experience is required. No strict penalty clause. No need for an office or a rental place. No virtual assistance. No email submit or zip submit. No customer service. Email support to you. Minimum threshold of payout. No illegal product or mis-sell. Massive earnings. Multilayer commissions.
How to create a website or a free blog. Pick a product or service specialty. Niche picking. Locate and market items and services. Content on affiliate sites. Traffic. Learning avenues. Viral marketing fundamentals for affiliate marketing.
Viral marketing in full. Social media marketing for affiliates. How to make viral marketing successful for affiliate marketing. Cost-effective. Incent. Optimization. Keys. Make it count. Awestruck.
Get people’s attention quickly. Get your audience involved. Make an emotional appeal. Keep the message straightforward. Set goals for your affiliate viral campaign. Banner mistakes in viral marketing.

Web 3.0 paid traffic sources. Web 3.0 free traffic sources. Non-spammy techniques. Organic strategies without getting banned. Introduction to web 4.0

Composition. Distribution. Leveraging. Promoting.
Principles of making a content planner. Free templates.

Advanced level. Levers. Offpage Onpage. Landing page. Analysis. SEO for affiliates.

Advanced level. Levers. CPC optimization. Landing page. Analysis. PPC for affiliates.

Advanced level. Levers.  Landing page. Analysis. SEM for affiliates.

Advanced level. Levers. Open rate optimization. Email content. Analysis. Email marketing for affiliates.

Advanced level. Levers. Responsive optimization. Mobile content. Analysis. Mobile marketing for affiliates.

Advanced level. Levers. Analytics. ROI.

Important aspects recovered and upgraded for latest algo updates: Organic – Search, Facebook, Twitter, Quora. Paid – Google Ads, Display. Amazon Associates. Clickbank. Jvzoo. CommissionJunction. Shareasale.

Revision of entire course in an accumulative format.


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Quizzes are given after completion of each session with 1 week's time gap.


Automatic attestation done to confirm course completion.


Final exam follow up post Validation for eDegree certification.