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This Advanced course is suitable for Beginners, Health lovers, Business owners, Drug makers, Home remedy makers, Fitness experts, Gym trainers, Alternative medicine marketers, Academicians, Ayurvedic trainers, Researchers, Managers, Ancient medical tourists, Health practitioners and Consultants. Also include: Human Body. Health and Well-being. Healthy Diet. Yoga. Nutrition. Treatments. Holistic Therapy. Ancient Science of Anti-aging. Healthy Recipes. Meditation. Marma Therapy. Chakras. Breathing Techniques. Indian Philosophies. Aroma Therapy. Body Points. Awareness.

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Ayurveda Basic Concepts
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Three Doshas Identification
Health and Illness Factors
How Disease Occur
Method of Home Purification
Ayurvedic Routine
Human Framework Functions
Ayurvedic Diagnosis
Ayurvedic Health Supplements
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